Why Bodypolitics? Since I was a child running away from home, and later as a teen-ager in the production line; in consciousness-raising groups; as a youth with a cancer diagnosis, during antimilitarist and antinuclear blockades; as an eco-feminist activist I have perceived my body as a place of consciousness and resistance. In 1990 in California, when asked to write a doctorial theoretical statement I took inspiration from my own experience and produced a set of postulates about the body as a place of consciousness and resistance. My political and research activity, my thinking and theoretical elaboration, have been based upon this awareness, which is articulated in different projects and publications.
Bodypolitics was born from the desire of sharing my ‘quarter of a century of publications’: books, reviews, research results, essays, handbooks – around a hundred titles most of which can be downloaded here. The blog is not all-comprehensive: unpublished writings and videos have been left out; some early publications are missing; collectively produced activists’ materials have not been uploaded; the tag ‘lectures and seminars’ only includes those given within Universities, even though many have been given in non-academic settings during the last two decades, on various subjects related to occupational hazards, health & environment, genetically modified seeds and foods, feminist semiotics, sexuality and politics. The blog is a work in progress and feedback, reviews and suggestions are very welcome.

Email: bodypolitics_at_inventati_dot_org