Research Activity

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2015-2019 “Leading Innovative Measures to Achive Gender Balance in Research Activities – Libra”, Project H2020-GERI-2014-1, European Commission G.A. No. 665937. Coordinator Isabelle Vernos (CRG/Centre for Genomic Regulation)

2014-2017 “Transforming Institutions by Gendering Content and Gaining Equality in Research – Trigger”, Dipartimento Pari Opportunity, Presidenza Consiglio Ministri (Italy) FP7 Project Science in Society, European Commission G.A. N. 611034. Director Giovanna Declich (Asdo)

2014-2015 Aboriginal Epistemology and Indigenous Knowledge, Individual research project, Department of Sociology, University of Sydney.

2013-2015 “Qualitative Research Study on Discrimination Dynamics in the CM/ID sector, European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Director Marina Cacace (Asdo)

2012-2014 Team member, research, project “Information and Sensitization for Public Operators” National Operative Plan on Governance and Systemic Actions, European Structural Founding, Equal Opportunities and Non-discrimination, Unar (National Office for Anti-discrimination and Racism); ISTISSS (Institute for the Study of Social Services. National Coordinator: Anna Maria D’Ottavi.

2011-2012 Team member, research project of national interest “What Federalism is changing? Governance and the quality of Social Policies in four regions of the South of Italy”, National Coordinator, Prof. Pietro Fantozzi, Sociology Dept. University of Calabria.

2010/2012 Coordinator of Research Project on “The Improper Use of Women’s Body in Commercials and in the Media. A Participatory Research-Action (“Specchio delle sue brame. Classe, razza, genere, età ed etero sessismo nelle pubblicità” [Mirror of His Wall. Class, Race, Gender, Age, Heterosexism in Commercials], 2012; “Feminist Semiotics. Per una sociologia politica del culo femminile nelle pubblicità italiane” [For a Political Sociology of Female’s Bottom in Italian Commercials], 2011).

2007/2009 Coordinator of Research Project on “Social Movements for Health. Self Help and Mutual Aid for People with Illness and Victims of Violence”, Ministry of University and Scientific Research with Università della Calabria (“Movimenti per la salute e associazioni delle persone malate” [Social Movements for Health and Associations of People With Illness], 2010).

2007/2009 Co-coordinator Research Action, “Women, Health and Environment”, Navdanya Farm, Research Foundation for Science Technology and Ecology, Dehradun, India (“Semi del suicidio. I costi umani dell’ingegneria genetica in agricoltura” [Seeds of Suicide. The Human Costs of Genetic Engineering in Agricolture], 2009).

2006/2007 Coordinator Research Project on “Groups, Associations and Movements for Health and against Gender Violence”, Ministry of University and Scientific Research with Università della Calabria (“Perché abbiamo bisogno di movimenti per la salute e associazioni delle persone malate” [Why We Need Social Movements for Health and Associations of People with Illnesses], 2008).

2005/2006 Research Associate , Sociology Department, University of California, Santa Cruz (“The Body of the Goddess: Women’s Trans-national and Cross-religion Eco-Spiritual Activism”, 2011; “Il Corpo della Dea” [The Body of The Goddess], 2008).

2003/2006 Coordinator Research on “Donne e attivismo sulla salute” [Women and health activism] Sociology Department, Ministry of University, Università della Calabria (“Globalizzazione e salute. Le reti transnazionali di donne” [Globalization and Health. Women’s Health Trans-national Networks], 2007).

2003/2005 Collaboration Research Project on “Le distanze sociali in Italia” [Social distance in Italy] Cosenza, Coordinator Pietro Fantozzi Sociology Department, Ministry of University, Università della Calabria.

2003/2004 Collaboration Research Project on “La condizione giovanile in Calabria” [Youth Condition in Calabria Region], Coordinator Pietro Fantozzi, Sociology Department,Università della Calabria, sponsored by Calabria Regional Government.

2001/2003 Collaboration Research Project on “I pregiudizi di genere nella salute” [Gender Prejudice in Health] coordinator Elvira Reale, sponsored by National Commission Equal Opportunities, President Marina Piazza (“Genere, ambiente e rischio: dalla prevenzione alla promozione della salute” [Gender, Environment and Risk: from Illness Prevention to Health Promotion], 2003; “Sesso a rischio: la prevenzione dell’Aids” [Sex and Risk: The Prevention of Aids], 2003).

2000/2001 Creation of questioning route for ‘focus groups’ with women flight attendants and their health for Italian Istituto Superiore di Sanità (“Integrating Qualitative Methods into Occupational Health Research: a Study of Women Flight Attendants”, 2004).
2000/2001 South Italy Research Coordinator on “Migrations and Cultural Encounters” Principal Investigators: Luisa Passerini, Silvia Salvatici, Natale Losi, International Organization of Migrations, Geneva, (“Death, Fear and Changing Perception of the Body among Survivors of Ethnic Cleansing”, 2001).
1999/2001 Research Project on “La variabile di genere nei materiali preventivi riguardanti il fumo di sigaretta” [Gender in Anti-tobacco Preventive Materials], within the National Investigation on “Donne e salute” [Women and Health Research Project] Director Laura Balbo, Coordinator Elvira Reale, sponsored by Ministry of Equal Opportunities (“Epidemiologia e prevenzione primaria del tumore al polmone fra le donne italiane” [Epidemiology and Primary Prevention of Lung Cancer among Italian Women] with Terri Ballard, 2001).

1999/2001 Research Project on “Genere, classe, etnia, e preferenze sessuali nella prevenzione dell’Aids” [Gender, Class, Ethnicity and Sexual Preferences in Aids Prevention] within the National Investigation on “Donne e salute” [Women and Health Research Project] director Laura Balbo, coordinator Elvira Reale, sponsored by Ministry of Equal Opportunities (“Per una prevenzione dell’Aids gender oriented” [Toward a gender-oriented Aids prevention], 2001).

1996/2001 Italian Research Coordinator for the European Women Health Network, Mid-term Project sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Seniors, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ), (“Country Report on Italian Women’s Health”, 2000; “Guide Through Networks”, 2001).

1999 Coordinator Research Project on “La vita quotidiana nel campo profughi di Comiso” [Everyday life in a Refugees Camp in Sicily] for Laura Balbo, Ministry of Equal Opportunities (“Comiso: il campo profughi di guerra” [Comiso-Kosova: the War Refugees Camp], 2000).

1995/1996 Coordinator Research on “Effectiveness of Vaucher Systems for Breast Cancer Prevention Among Low-income Latinas”, Women’s Health Institute, Research Directors: Nancy Stoller, Pat Zavella, University of California Santa Cruz, sponsored by California State.

1995/1996 Individual Research on “Role of Women in Indigenous Insurgence in Mexico” sponsored by Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC), University of California Santa Cruz, Cowell College (“L’internazionale della speranza. Notebook from Chiapas”, 1997).

1992/1993 Research Coordinator on “The Political Economy of Sexually Explicit Personal Ads”, Director Mike Rotkin, Community Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz (“Sexually Explicit Personal Ads As Mass-Media”, 1993; “Virtual Sex, annunci personali e sesso virtual nello spazio cibernetico”, 1995).

1989/1990 Collaboration to National Survey on “Health and Safety in the Italian Workplace”, interviews to priviledged witnesses and participation in questionnaire building, Coordinator Antonio Carbonaro, University of Florence, sponsored by Ministry of Work.

1989/1990 Research Project Coordinator with questionnaire on salary negotiation in 93 factories in the Italian north-east; Proposal Ilvo Diamanti, sponsored by Italian Workers’ Union Cisl-Veneto, Padova.

1989/1990 Coordinator Exploratory Research, 15 in-depth interviews on “La vita quotidiana dei malati terminali di Aids a Vicenza” [Everyday Life Among Hiv-aids Terminally Ill in Vicenza], sponsored by Agfol.

1989/1990 Coordinator Comparative Research with 240 interviews “La vita quotidiana degli anziani nelle case di riposo e nelle famiglie” [Elderly and Everyday Life in Institutions and at Home], sponsored by Agfol, Vicenza (“Fra imagine e ricordo: la gioventù presso gli anziani” [Between Memories of Yesterday and Images of Today: Representations of Youth among the Elderly], 1990).

1989/1990 Research Project Coordinator on homeless african-italian workers with 40 interviews, “La vita quotidiana degli immigrati neri” [Black Immigrants and Everyday Life], sponsored by Agfol, Vicenza (“Immigrati neri senza casa a Vicenza” [Homeless Black Immigrants in Vicenza], 1991).

1989/1990 Exploratory Research by mean of in-depth interviews to priviledged witnesses “Le commissioni pari opportunità e le azioni positive in Italia” [Equal Opportunities and Positive Actions in Italy], Coordinator Franca Bimbi, Università di Padova.

1989/1990 Collaboration to qualitative research project “Nuovi modelli di maternità e paternità” [New models of motherhood and fatherhood (analysis of the content of 120 interviews), coordinator Franca Bimbi, Università di Padova.

1988/1989 Collaboration to Quantitative/Qualitative Research Project “Le attività convegnistiche in Italia” [Meeting as Activity in Italy], Coordinator Laura Balbo, Università di Ferrara.

1987/1988 Individual Research Project, Case study on “Women Working Nightshift in a Food Factory”, Sociology Department, Università di Padova.